January Review 


Nails Inc Nail Polish  (RRP – £14.00)

Due to having acrylics nails, I could only use this on my toe nails. Personally, I didn’t really like the colour. I think they were going for a Spring feel, but I find light, matte colours that aren’t gel nail varnish don’t apply as nice and this one didn’t.

The application of this nail varnish was quite patchy and it needed a few layers for it to look passable. The packaging is standard and in a nice solid glass bottle, but another thing that let it down was the longevity, I didn’t feel it would last without chipping due to the amount of layers you would need to apply.

It’s my personal preference, but I prefer nail vanish with a bit of a shine, this one was completely matte and looked chalky.

For the price, this is something I wouldn’t purchase as I am not keen on it at all. Unsure on other colours, so couldn’t speak for all of them, but based on this one, this is not something I would go out and buy.

Merci Handy Hand Cream (RRP £4.90) 

As you may know from reading other posts of mine, but I love a good smelling product and this one…OH MY DAYS…it’s beautiful. I can’t really describe the smell but I got the one called ‘New Wave’ and it’s just gorgeous.

It has little microbeads in it that completely dissolve when you apply to your hands, makes my hands super soft and smelling good enough to eat.

I apply this every night before I go to bed as I do suffer from bad skin on my hands. Now I haven’t noticed an improvement in regards to stopping that, but it is making them more moisturised and soft. I haven’t yet found a cream that would stop my hands from peeling, so I wouldn’t expect this too.

I love the packaging as it’s in a tube and easy to apply without squirting too much. It doesn’t leave my hands feeling greasy and it sinks into the skin nicely, but doesn’t go completely dry, your hands stay moisturised, but like I said, it’s not a greasy texture.

Overall, this is something I would re-purchase as I love my hands smelling nice before I go to bed and I think the price is good for what you’re getting.

Lord and Berry Concealer Stick in Ivory (RRP £12.00)

I am desperate for a good concealer stick, I have terrible darkness under my eye and I have tried numerous. So I was excited when I received this, hoping it would be something good.

Unfortunately, I was disappointed. To apply this under the eye is quite painful, the skin there is sensitive and thin and the product is very hard.

To get a good amount on, you do need to apply a lot and because of the crayon being quite hard, this isn’t nice to apply and this is why I prefer products with a softer application, such as a liquid concealer.

Now, as I don’t currently have blemishes anywhere else on my face (having a good skin month) I wasn’t able to test this anywhere else, but to be honest, I wouldn’t want too due to the application under my eye it put me off using it.

Once it was on, the coverage was ok, but nothing I couldn’t achieve with a liquid concealer and a better outcome.

One thing I did notice it was once it was blended, it didn’t crease under my eye, which is a really good thing as I do suffer with that problem, but I wouldn’t use this product again due to the fact it was so rough to apply.

For the price, I do not think this product is worth it considering you can get cheaper products that do a better application.

 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse (RRP £29.00)

This oil is quite versatile in the sense it can be used in hair, body and face.

Unfortunately I didn’t want to use it for all it’s purposes, due to the fact I do not like oil products but also there are certain reasons as to why I also couldn’t use them. I currently have no issues with my hair and in the past when I have used oil products in my hair, it makes them instantly greasy, so I avoid doing this at all costs. My face is very sensitive and when using oils in the past, it has caused me to have a reactions. I did want to try them out in both my hair and my face, but I just felt this wave of anxiety and couldn’t go through with it, so unfortunately the review on this product isn’t going to be great due to me not using it for all their claims.

However, I did try this on my body, especially in my problem areas where I suffer with my dry skin and it did make it some what better. It didn’t make it soft, but did my the dry skin feel less flaky and rough. It was quite difficult to apply, due to it being an oil and not a cream like I would usually use, you have to quickly apply it to the skin to ensure you do not get it anywhere else.

The smell was sweet almond, camellia, hazelnut, and macadamia. I would definitely say it’s more of a mature smell. The packaging looks expensive and I do like that, nice quality glass bottle with a golden lid.

I would recommend this product to those who like using oil based products and suffer from dry skin.

Personally,  it is not something I would purchase myself as I do not like using oil products as I feel greasy. Reading other reviews, people have said that it instantly drys and doesn’t have that greasy feel to it. Now I agree that it does sink in, but you still have that greasy feel to it, it doesn’t completely sink in. The price is something else that puts me off, it’s expensive for an oil, but I guess if it gives a good result it’s worth it but I know cheaper products that do the same.

Vita Coco Coconut Oil (RRP £9.99) 


I couldn’t help that when I opened this product, I couldn’t help but smell it and I smiled so much. It smells just like the bounty chocolate bar and it was gorgeous.

This is a multi purpose product, it can be used for body, face, hair, food, so many different things and I did do a lot of research as I needed to find another use to it apart from the body due to using the Nuxe oil. Sadly,there weren’t any instructions on the tub itself and the description I received from Birchbox had limited information on it.

Due to my skin being my biggest issue, I did decide to use this on my dry skin also, as it seemed the more productive thing to do considering this is one of my biggest skin issues.

Similar to the Nuxe oil, I had the same result but the exact same issue. The coconut oil is solid in the tub, but once it hits skin it turns to oil, so its quite difficult to apply without it slipping out of your hands. Again, I’m not a big fan of products in tubs, I am more of a tube girl, so it was just as hard to get it out of the tub for me to apply it in the first place, but the fact it’s solid is why its contained in a tub.

Again, it did make my skin less rough but didn’t give the skin softness or hydration and left my skin feeling greasy.

Like the Nuxe oil, I am happy to have tried these documents, but again this is not something I would purchase myself as it doesn’t meet my requirements.

Overall, I wasn’t very happy with my January Birchbox, as the few of the products didn’t match my profile provided to them.It does make me question how long I keep subscribing to be honest.

February Unboxing 

I am excited to review these products, for the first time in 3 months, I feel these are all products I can review to their full potential.

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