This weekend, my big sister turned…well that doesn’t need to be said, I know my sister reads this and she knows where I sleep!

Now I know this post is slightly different in comparison to what I usually do, but sometimes, you just need to change things up.

I wanted to try and make my sisters birthday really special, but as usual, I left everything to the last minute…major fail.

On Saturday morning, we decided to go out to breakfast, somewhere we both have been wanting to go since it opened a couple of years ago, but never went. Which is weird, considering it’s just round the corner from our house.

The Fat Pug is an amazing pub that offers brilliant food and we were really excited to try this out.


OH…MY…GOD!! The breakfast did not disappoint, it was all absolutely amazing and for Β£6.50, the standards was amazing. The meat is all purchased from a local butcher called Aubrey Allen and the quality was superb, couldn’t fault it at all.

The rest of the breakfast was absolutely gorgeous as well and I am really partial to a hash brown!

With this, I ordered a latte and they do a great deal of, when you buy a hot drink, you get unlimited toast, but I didn’t take advantage of, once I had finished the breakfast, I was completely full.

After breakfast, we went into town and went our separate ways, as I said, I left everything till the last minute, that included my sisters presents.

I wanted to get my sister a spa weekend for 2, but trying to organise that as a surprise, was quite difficult and stressful, so I decided to do that later in the year and we can organise it together.

For her birthday, I wanted to get something meaningful and something she wanted, so I decided to try and find some white gold stud earrings…who would have thought these would be so difficult to find. I went to four jewellery shops in the end, all of which couldn’t offer me exactly what I was looking for, one of them even tried to sell me the display jewellery, which I wasn’t happy about at all.

After 4 hours shopping, I finally settled on her favourite chocolates, bottle of Prosecco, a handbag and a DVD. I wasn’t overly happy, as this wasn’t really what I wanted to get her, but it’s better than her not getting anything and after 4 hours, I was starting to get so tired of shopping….and I love shopping.

I ended up meeting back with my sister and having a drink in a pub, in the sunshine, which was lovely, usual friendly banter.


Then came Β Sunday, the day of my sisters birthday and she loved all her birthday presents, especially the “make your own cheese” maker from my brother and his wife.

We celebrated the day with a gorgeous BBQ, lovely food as always…no leftovers in sight…that might have been me eating all that gorgeous Morrisons steak though, would really recommend it.


I have to be honest, after Saturday’s shopping antics, I was really tired on Sunday. So we decided to have a bit of a girly afternoon with face masks and a good movie.

I love spending time with my sister, especially anything to do with relaxing.



I hope you enjoyed this weekend, just know I love you very much! xxx