Hello my lovelies!!

I am now addicted to the Beauty Bay website…its the best website I have found to buy products from the US.

There delivery is amazing, I can’t fault it. I order one day, the delivery is there 2 days later, amazing!

The only issue I have had was on my first order a couple of months ago. I ordered a Morphe Palette and it took a few days longer to deliver, but I did order the day after a huge sale they had, which was understandable.

While I was exploring YouTube, I noticed the brand Milani was mentioned quite a lot and it’s like a drugstore brand in America and is reasonably cheap.

So I googled to see what products were the best and had good reviews, just so I could buy a few products to see whether it was worth buying more….and I have to say…it’s definitely worth it.

I bought two products which I am going to review below for you:

Milani Matte Lip Cream – Fling – £8

As you can see, this is a very mattifying lip cream, pretty much dries instantly, so you need to work with it quite quickly.

The colour, I am in love with! I am not use to bold colours, I am definitely more of a nude girl, but this one got me very excited.

I would say I am not a connoisseur in lip products, in fact prior to a few weeks ago, lip products were my least favourite make up item to buy. They are starting to grow on me the more and more I buy and this definitely was a good purchase, even though there are a few things I dislike about it.

I am already contemplating what eye look to go with this, so I can wear it on Christmas Day!!

Like I said, it is quite drying, but you do get use to it after a while. If you’re like me and very use to wearing creamy lip sticks, then this is a bit of a transformation. But these types of Matte Lip Creams are slowly becoming my favourite.

I would say it is quite hard to apply, you do have to be careful, minor slip up and this is very hard to remove off skin and on one occasion did ruin my foundation base, but easy to fix.

This is not the sort of product you just whack on, it’s much better to apply if you are being precise, then you will get the perfect application.

Also need to make sure you do not have too much product on the wand, it’s much easier doing it little by little and building it up, then putting too much on, having a layer too much and it look wrong.

I did notice, after wearing it for a little, it feels like it’s going bitty on your lips, but when I looked in the mirror, it didn’t look that way. Also the product in the tube has gone a little gloopy.

Now I know there are a few negatives in their, but funnily enough, I still love this Lip Cream and it has a gorgeous chocolate sweet smell, which i adore. I think it sold me on the colour and the little negatives I can get over, it also maybe my inexperience with these types of products, as I said, I am not use to them.

I will definitely be buying other colours from this collection.

Milani Baked Blush – Luminoso – £8

Unfortunately the picture isn’t great on this, I will try and improve my camera skills.

I was looking for a new blush that was less pink. I wanted to go for a more neutral, nude colour and after watching the holy grail that is YouTube, I found this one.

Now, it may not have been exactly what I was looking for in regards to less pink, but it’s more neutral than what I have. I would describe me as a neutral peach colour, giving the cheeks a lovely natural glow.

I have used this everyday since I purchased it, it’s become my go to blush for every single day and occasion. The colour is gorgeous and the pigment is great, you don’t need to put loads of product on your brush and it’s easily blendable with a clean brush on the off chance you do put a little too much on your cheeks.

I would completely recommend this product and I am thinking about buying another colour, maybe Bellissimo Bronze, more of the neutral colour I was looking for. But obviously will research into this a little more to ensure it matches my pale complexion.

Overall, I am really happy with the Milani products I have purchased and will definitely be investing more money in purchasing further items. I am quite tempted to try the foundation, but buying this over the internet with no colour testing, is quite difficult and I would hate to spend money for it to be the wrong colour….then again….I could give it to the winner of my upcoming giveaway!!!

I hope you have enjoyed the read.

I will be posting a lot of the Christmas period, so keep an eye out.