Welcome to another addition to my Faves and Fails of last month.

I have to be honest, August was a whirlwind of a month, setting up my new site took up a lot of my time. I also booked a holiday with the bestie, meaning money has been a little tight, so I haven’t had much opportunity to try out new products.

What I did do is try out some older products that I had and rekindled a love for some of them.


Milani Blusher in Rose D’Oro 

I am a really big fan of Milani products, especially their blushers, my favourite being Luminoso, which I have featured before.

Rose D’Oro is a gorgeous rose tone with a gold reflection in it, giving you more of a bronzed glow to the skin; great for summer, which is why I have been loving it so much this month. It was a nice alternative to my normal pinks as this gave me that glow from within.

The pigmentation is stunning, and so smooth as well. The quality is outstanding, this is why Milani baked blushers are my favourite.

This is definitely the blusher I will taking on my holiday in 3 weeks! This will be perfect with a tan and give me that beach glow that I love.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer 

I wasn’t in love with this at first, I didn’t like the colour of it, it’s quite yellow for a concealer. When I applied it, the coverage was really good, I just think it brightened my eye area.

I persisted recently, wanting to try it again as the coverage was the best I had used from the high street. The consistency makes it really easy to blend out but still has the pigment there to ensure my dark circles are kept at bay. Using the RCMA powder to set this, is perfect, not only does it make it stay there all day, but lightens it, a really great combo.

Out of all the concealers I have tried from the high street, this is the best one, I just wish they did one that was lighter and wasn’t so yellow toned.

MaxFactor Pan Stick 

This month I spent a bit of time at home, I took a week off so I could concentrate on the rebrand\relaunch of my website. During that time, I didn’t really go out that much, but when I did, could I really be bothered to apply a full face of makeup? No. This product really came in handy, few war lines on my face, blend in…out I went.

This was literally my life saving product, even though the colour is slightly off…

…it has a slight pink undertone to it, but with a bit of bronzer, it’s totally workable for a trip to the shops. It completely did the job that I needed it too, it’s the best foundation ever, but to read my full review, click here.

Jessica Jade Designs 

One of my close friends Jess has opened up her own Etsy shop called Jessica Jade Designs where she is providing bloggers with amazing planners to organise ourselves when it comes to drafting/proofreading/taking pictures for our posts.

I was lucky to receive these in advance to them going live and what a life saver they have been.

I am usually such an organised person, but in the last couple of months, I have become lost when it came to planning out my posts. When Jess sent the to me, I couldn’t have been more grateful, they came at just the right time.

Not only are they gorgeous, but they provide me with a checklist of everything I need to do each month, week and post. My favourite one being the ‘Detailed Blog Post Planner’, this has really kept me in line with everything I need to do.

They are a really good price for the fact you can keep reusing them and printing them whenever you need them.

I recommend these to all bloggers, especially since she’s bought out some new designs!!

Everything Meli 

I cannot keep my eye of this girl’s blog. Meli literally writes about everything and I just have to keep tuned to all her posts. Her site is amazing and I would really recommend you check her out. I know quite a few bloggers now and she is one of the gals that puts a hell of a lot of effort into her site.

Not only does she have a great site with amazing content, she is also a lovely person, always willing to help a fellow blogger, she’s a great friend.


L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara 

This mascara has had a lot of hype, so it’s one of the little things I did buy myself at the end of July. I have to be honest (as I always am) this was not what I expected. Sadly, I found this mascara really disappointing and didn’t think it was worth it at all.

I found the mascara very clumpy, the brush itself is thick and when you take it out, its completely covered in gloopy mascara.

I do wonder whether I just got a dud, as everyone raves about how voluminous it is; I found it just made my lashes thick with mascara and not in a good way.

No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser 

When I don’t have time to do a deep clean on my brushes, I like to use something in between, just to give them a little clean. I bought this and it isn’t terrible but it leaves a horrible feel to my brushes. Yes, it cleans the brushes, but I don’t like the film it leaves on them. I am just generally not keen on it at all and I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

I hope you have enjoyed this much longer than usual installment on my Faves and Fails.

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