I have been waiting to write this for such a long time, but it’s hard when you know it’s such a spoken about palette. Everyone has talked about it and it’s hard to add something new to everyone’s opinion, but I’m going to give it a go.

Buying this palette was weirdly a huge decision for me. It is NOT cheap, and to spend this amount of money on a palette, is ridiculous!

I contemplated it for me a really long time; every month I would log on to the Beauty Bay website, just to have a little peak…

…and each time I looked at it, I was blown away. The more I watched the videos on Youtube, the temptation to click the order button was getting more and more real.

Until the day I got my monthly wage and I just thought, why the heck not! I work hard, this will be my treat for the month and something I would class as an investment.

On receiving the palette, I have to be honest, my first reaction was disappointment. The actual size of the product was a lot smaller than I expected and I actually had to check whether I accidentally ordered the travel size.

The key points to this product are below:

  • On Beauty Bay it retails for £41
  • 0.02 oz of product in each pan
  • Cruelty Free
  • Duo Shadow Brush included
  • 14 shades

Firstly, let’s just appreciate the packaging. I love the dusty pink velvet case with a magnetic close. I much prefer these to the plastic ones, and the foiled embossed logo on the front is stunning.

You do get a brush with it, which is quite nice quality, but it’s not something I would use. It has a reasonable size mirror on the inside, also with a foiled logo underneath. I have to be honest, the packaging is beautiful.

The pan size to the shadows are very small and as I said above….0.02oz of product in each eyeshadow. To put that into a comparison, in a 35 Morphe palette, the pan weight would be 1.98oz of product! Yes, unbelievable right?

Now to the eyeshadows themselves, you get 14 shades in total, a mixture of neutral and berry tones. What a stunning collection, which can give you various different types of looks, just Youtube it, it’s amazing to see how versatile the palette is.

The quality is great, you did get a little bit of kick up, but to me that is totally worth it when it comes to the pigmentation. Even though the pan weight is disappointing, I still think the palette will last a long time as you only need a small amount, dab dab and your brush is covered.

I think the pigment speaks for itself…

Top Row – Tempera / Golden Ochre / Vermeer / Buon Fresco / Antique Bronze / Love Letter / Cyprus Umber

These colours are just absolutely gorgeous! My favourites are Vermeer as it’s just a beautiful pink iridscent champagne metallic, Buon Fresco for just being this gorgeous matte lavender colour and Love Letter as I have never seen a colour like this with the pigmentation is has, it makes me think of Valentines Day every time I see it.

Second Row – Raw Sienna / Burnt Orange / Primavera / Red Ochre / Venetian Red / Warm Taupe / Realgar

I genuinely don’t know if I can pick a favourite from these, I literally love all of them and I do not have colours like this in any other palette. Look at the pigmentation, the crease, lid, metallic shades are all there to create a phenomenal look.

I think I pretty much love every colour in this palette, what is there not to? Oh yeah…the price tag.

I understand why so many people love this palette, it was cult favourite for the most of 2016 and even now people talk about it.

Is it worth it for the price?

This is a tricky one, this is one of the nicest palettes I have ever used…but does that mean that you should spend £41 on it? I don’t know.

I think if you have the money to splurge and you like a good palette, then definitely go for it. If you don’t, are you missing out? No, there are plenty of amazing palettes out there.

I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I loved trying out this palette. If you look like to see me doing a write up on the different looks you can make with this palette, please comment below.

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