I am beyond excited to be writing this post. I have now re-launched my self hosted website and gone from Makeup and Beyond to All Things Jacqui.


I had been thinking about going self hosted for a long time, back and forth about what I needed to do, a lot of research and a lot of questions to my friends.

After a few months of thinking, I decided to take the plunge and finally sign up to go self hosted and I went with Blue Host.

At the same time, I decided I wanted to re-brand my name, even though I loved it when I started, I wanted to broaden the posts I do, as I plan on doing a lot of stuff over the next 12 months, it’s not all makeup related. So to make my site look more personalised and something I can cover lots of different subjects on, I think my new name fits it to a T. I cannot take the glory for my new name, after a lot of thinking, my friend Meli came up with the name and I instantly fell in love, thanks girl!

What next you say?

Well I will be making a lot of changes to the way I write, more personalised, more friendly. I will still review, but I want it to be more like I am talking to a friend, which you all are. I want to bring my personality into it more, apparently I can be quite funny, and I want this to come across in my writing.

I wanted to broaden my posts, as much as I love makeup and beauty products, don’t worry, I will still be doing these, but I wanted to add more. I want to write about my weight loss journey, travelling, my family/friends and about my life in general. My ups and downs, my single life style, my daily struggles, I want to be able to connect with everyone on every level.

Thank you!!

I want to say thank you to a few people in my life that have really helped me with this step forward.

Firstly to my friends and family, you are always my rock, the ones I go to for everything. Every doubt I have, you always manage to help me see the positive in everything and how to make this new venture successful.

Mum, Dad, Nickie, Jeff, Nikki, Laura, Lauren, Tetty, my grandparents, I love you all! 

Jess (Jessica Jade Beauty) – this girl…what can I say! Over the past couple of months, you have become one of my closest friends and that is thanks to the blogging community. Without that, I wouldn’t have met this fantastic person. She is the one who convinced me to go self hosted, the one that gives me the confidence to do this. Every problem I have, she helps in every way she can.

Meli (Everything Meli) – even though I haven’t been speaking to her long, she has been so welcoming and lovely to me. She has been really supportive in the venture and even came up with the name for my new site. She may live nearly 4,000 miles away and a completely different time zone, she always takes the time to message me.

I am so happy to have found friends like this within the blogging world, they make it a pleasure to do it, even on those days that you have doubts.

Thank you to everyone who shared this new journey with me…and guys…keep your eyes peeled for some new and exciting posts on my BRAND new page!