Welcome to All Things Jacqui


I am Jacqui, I am 28 (dreading getting into the 30’s, living the Bridget Jones life) from the UK and I have an addiction when it comes to Makeup Products, my sister says my room looks like boots!

I used to run under Makeup and Beyond, but decided to expand my blogging as I wanted to broaden the posts that I put up, including things about my Lifestyle and Travelling.


I’ve always wanted to write, it’s something I have enjoyed since I was a young girl. Even though this isn’t something I pursued as an adult, the blogging community allows me to still live my dream.

I do work full time and love what I do, but blogging is something I do with every spare moment I get as this is my passion.


I want my site to be a place where people can come and read about products I review (also love reading what other people think), topics that I discuss might also help others, being able to connect with people all across the world and if I can help anyone along the way…Incredible.

I am a big foodie, so you will probably see a few posts about new food I try, restaurants I visit, but at the same time, you’ll also see my weight loss journey and the struggles I face.

Over the next 12 months, I plan to do a lot of travelling, something that never interested me in the past, but as I grow older, I want to see more of the world.

So sit back, have a cuppa, grab the biscuits and welcome to my journey.