Every so often, in my monthly favourites, I add a blogger that I have been enjoying that month. Well I am going to do things a little differently this month. I have joined forces with Jess from Jessica Jade Beauty. Not only is she an amazing blogger but she is now one of my closest friends. Jess does a monthly edit where she talks about her favourite bloggers for that month. So this month, instead of having 5 amazing bloggers, you’ll have 10. Make sure you go over to her site and check out her post to find out who she has been enjoying this month.

This month, I have been making a conscious effort to read as many blogs as possible. This is one thing I always forget to do, I love supporting other bloggers, but with a busy life, I never find the time.

What I have been doing is subscribing to sites I like the look of and what they speak about, beauty is my go too. This way I can flag emails to posts that catch my eye and think oh that’s a bit of me, and then when I get a moment I can go through my emails and give them a read.

Chloe from Marble Beauty // Chloe is someone I have followed for a long time, pretty much since I started blogging I think. If you haven’t checked out her site, please do! The layout of her site is stunning, very photo orientated which I love as I think photos draw you in to the writing. Chloe does a variety of posts, mainly focusing on beauty, fashion and lifestyle, keeping in tone with current events/seasons.  You can tell how passionate she is through her writing and photos; she takes pride in what she does.

Hannah from Amethyst Rose Beauty // Hannah, again, is someone I have been following for a long time. She is a beauty and lifestyle blogger with a keen eye for makeup, especially from the high street, which is something I love to read about. I enjoy reading her empties; these are one of my favourite things to read, as usually if they are empty, most of the time they were good right? I would definitely check out her site, head over, you know you want to.

Anna Bankester from Bee Beauty // Anna is a new discovery for me, but she completely drew me in with her pictures. That girl knows how to do a makeup look that speaks to me! Anna is devoted to anything makeup related, from tutorials to reviews…my favourite! What makes Anna stand out is the different looks she creates, with a gorgeous gothic flair to it. I recently read her post on her Pink Ribbon Makeup Tutorial  where she talks about Breast Cancer Awareness and delves into a personal story, it was a beautiful read and a stunning look, I really recommend this post and her whole page.

Pale Girl Rambling // I absolutely love this blog! Not only does it provide you with great reviews on makeup and beauty products. She gives you the low down on the best ways to enhance and strengthen your blogs using social media etc. I find this blog fascinating to read, especially with the amount of tips it has given me on how to improve. Giving back to the blogging community is such a great idea and she does it so well. Her Instagram page, absolutely blows me away, so definitely check that out.

Meli from Everything Meli //  How could I do a bloggers edit without mentioning my girl Meli. Along with Jess, Meli is another one of my blogging besties, they both massively supported me when I went self-hosted and I couldn’t have asked for better help. Meli is a Lifestyle blogger, covering Beauty, Fashion, Life and Travel. Her eye to detail is what drew me in and her gorgeous site with a splash of pastel pink (my fave!) Meli really knows how to keep you on your toes when you’re reading. Especially her Wedding series, when I was reading that, it actually felt like I was a guest at her wedding, reliving the day with her. That’s what I love about her writing and leaves me wanting more.

All the bloggers I have mentioned today, please go and check them out, show them a bit of love and support, in my eyes they really deserve it. I hope you love these blogs as much as I do.

I am always looking for new bloggers to read, especially beauty ones, so please comment below bloggers you have loved.


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