After reading Jess’ 2018 goals, it really inspired me to finally put mine in writing. If you want to check her’s out, head over to her site by clicking here, I would really recommend it.

I decided to split them out into categories, covering a variety of different things, but all related to my blog.

I want to stay realistic about my goals but at the same time, I didn’t want them to be easily achievable. This way if and when I reach them I will feel more accomplished and proud of myself.


With social media, numbers shouldn’t be important. I don’t like to rely on the number of followers/likes I have on each platform, but at the same time, we do all want them to grow.

  • Instagram +200
  • Twitter +500
  • Facebook +100
  • Bloglovin +100
  • Pinterest +100


Even with these lower numbers, I do feel this will be quite difficult, especially with how social media is today.

The whole follow/unfollow tactic that some bloggers are doing at the moment, is driving me mad. Number’s aren’t everything and I think to do this, is just quite petty and selfish. We are supposed to be supporting one another in such a dominant and influential industry.

I could go on about that, and rant for a lot longer, but I’ll leave that there, as it’s nothing to do with what this post is about. Then again, if you are happy to read my thoughts on blogging today and these types of games, let me know and it can become an upcoming post.


There are certain things that I wish to do this year, that again are goals, but little projects also.

To create a successful group on Telegram

This kind of relates to my little rant above. I basically want to create a group for Instagram within the app ‘Telegram’. I am a member of a few groups within this app and you really do notice the difference in how well your posts do. A group to help fellow bloggers but also to help yourself. I know some pods do not have the best reputation and they have a habit of being very strict. This is why I want to create my own. Now yes, it will have rules that I would want members to adhere too. But I think all things work best when there are rules. This way everyone has to play the game properly and not for people who are only in it for themselves.

To arrange/host a Beauty Bloggers Corner get together

For those who don’t know, I am an admin for a group dedicated to beauty bloggers, alongside Jess and Sukanya. I have always wanted to meet people from our group and at some point this year, I would love to arrange a get together for those who are based in the UK. I think this would be an exciting opportunity to meet people and to do some networking as well.

To work with a beauty brand

I think this will be on a lot of people’s goals for this year. To work with a brand I think is everyone’s dream. Even though I have worked with brands in the past, I specifically would love to work with a beauty brand this year. So I am really going to get myself out there, network with some brands and try my best to see what I can do to get the name All Things Jacqui out there in the blogging world.


I haven’t been blogging for long, especially since I relaunched my entire site in August last year. What I do notice though, was that I definitely need to do a lot of work on my site and writing.

My view statistic wasn’t great for the last 5 months and I will be completely honest, it’s hard to see. Numbers are not what drives me to write, but when you see that new follower or more views, it does make my heart flutter. It is lovely knowing when people are reading and commenting on something you have written. When it’s the other way around though, and the views are dropping, it can be quite disheartening. The numbers will never stop me writing or doing what I love, but it really does help with your confidence in doing it.

In 2018, I would like to see my views rise. As I looked at my statistics from the relaunch of my site to December, I have now set the goal to reach 2,000 views from December 2017 to August 2018. With this, I would like to see more followers and email subscriptions.

I am setting myself a weekly goal in regards to interacting with more bloggers. When I first started in December 2016, I was reading and posting comments on blogs all the time. In the past couple of months, I have got into a routine of just reading the ones I know and not experiencing new bloggers.

Then finally, I would like to do more collab posts with other bloggers. I have really enjoyed the ones I have done with Jess recently and I want that to continue into the future. We have plenty more post ideas coming up and I am beyond excited.

If you would also like to collab, please let me know. Drop me a message on any of my social media pages or email me on [email protected]

Hopefully, I have encouraged you, like Jess did, to put your goals in writing. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading mine.

Comment with links to your goals, would love to read! 

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