Hello My Beauts!

I am a massive fan of Jess from Jessica Jade Beauty , as she well knows. Jess recently posted something that really inspired me and I was so excited to try and get this together. It’s 101 things to do in 1001 days and this was probably one of the hardest posts I’ve ever had to plan and write.

It look me so long to get together 101 things, so I started to look for inspiration on the internet and the amount of people who do and actually manage to do all 101 is great, so I feel so positive to get as many of mine done as possible.

I am going to update this as I go along, as and when I complete one…hopefully it won’t be too long.

Begins : Friday 28th April 2017
Ends : Friday 24th January 2020

Also, thank you to Jess for the inspiration for this post, visit her 101 in 1001. Also, technically you can mark off number 100!!

  1. Go abroad
  2. Go to Harry Potter World
  3. Go to a WWE Smackdown show
  4. Go to a WWE Raw show
  5. Go to a WWE NXT show
  6. Buy the Modern Renaissance Palette by Anastasia Beverley Hills
  7. Get to a size 12
  8. Do something for charity
  9. Go self hosted on my blog
  10. Go to the cinema 20 times
  11. Have a spa day (with a massage)
  12. Have afternoon tea
  13. Learn a new skill (would love this to be a blade smith)
  14. Give up smoking
  15. When it comes to my family and friends birthday, each present must have a personal meaning
  16. Make improvements on my health, keeping to my routine
  17. Increase my blog posts from twice to three times a week
  18. Meet up with a fellow blogger
  19. Set up a Youtube channel and start doing videos
  20. Reach 1,000 followers on any of my platforms and do a giveaway
  21. Have a guest blogger month
  22. Unplug for 24 hours
  23. Subscribe to Blogosphere Magazine
  24. Read 5 books (I know this doesn’t sound a lot, but I barely read)
  25. Do not have takeaway for a month
  26. Go through all my make up and either chuck or giveaway
  27. Give 5 surprise gifts (I stole this one from Jess as I thought it was a really nice one)
  28. Keep up with my skincare routine to improve my skin
  29. Make my patchwork quilt
  30. Get a new tattoo
  31. When I am happy with my body, have a photoshoot
  32. Go to the theatre
  33. Move out
  34. Get a new car (well a new one for me)
  35. Go to Cornwall again
  36. Take a workshop on blogging or something that will help my blog
  37. Buy a camera
  38. Try 5 new resturants
  39. Try 5 new foundations
  40. Save enough money for skin treatment
  41. Go to Poland with Laura
  42. Go to Milan with Laura
  43. Grow vegetables in my garden
  44. Do a themed series on my blog
  45. Do one post a month on my blog that isn’t makeup and beauty related
  46. Create a family photo album
  47. Bake an apple and sultana crumble for my Dad
  48. Get a new piercing
  49. Pay off my credit card in full
  50. Cook a 3 course meal for a member of my family or friend
  51. Make contact with brands for posts on my blog
  52. Visit my friends from other towns/cities
  53. Cut out coffee for one week
  54. Donate blood
  55. Do a surprise for someone you know
  56. Make a friend a pamper kit
  57. Go to Blackpool for Round 2
  58. Watch 10 must watch films…that you haven’t seen
  59. Make a gingerbread house
  60. Get my eyebrows done professionally
  61. Bake a rainbow sprinkle cake
  62. Finish a cross-stitch design
  63. Make my own iced coffee
  64. Host a boardgames party
  65. Set up an office space in a spare room within the house/new place
  66. Go to the Lake District
  67. Visit a food festival
  68. Go to a comedy club
  69. Watch all the Star Wars films
  70. Go to a gig
  71. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant
  72. Take my parents for dinner
  73. One day a week, do not eat meat
  74. Go one month without spending unnecessarily  i.e. make up, unless I run out of a product
  75. Buy and review the Urban Decay Setting Spray
  76. Buy and review an Urban Decay eye palette
  77. Do one Twitter Chat a week
  78. Make cheese
  79. Make pasta
  80. Make Christmas cards for immediate family
  81. Send my mum flowers
  82. Go to a Zoo
  83. Have a pedicure
  84. Visit a dentist
  85. Upgrade to a new iPhone
  86. Get up early enough to get my Dad a Sausage and Egg McMuffin
  87. Go to a fireworks display
  88. Buy a present for someone who wouldn’t expect it
  89. Help design the new kitchen
  90. Help design the new bathroom
  91. Do research on what e-courses I could take to improve my blog
  92. Make a loaf of bread
  93. Have a weekend away in a log cabin
  94. Remember to take my vitamins every day
  95. Try foods you haven’t tried before, no limit, just be more adventourous
  96. Buy a designer handbag
  97. Learn the basics in my car and do them alone. i.e. changing oil etc.
  98. Be successful within my job
  99. Buy something to go on my wall above the fireplace
  100. Rewatch the whole series of Bones
  101. Encourage someone to write their own list

I am really excited about this and I am hoping but putting it all in writing, that this will encourage me to do everything on my list.

I will keep you updated, and any that I strike out, means I have completed it.

Until next time…