I was involved in a twitter chat last week and I decided to write a post about it. I tweeted about something I wear every single day, my favourite item of clothing, which is my bra. All girls’ need that support and I couldn’t walk out the house without wearing one. I would feel so self-conscious, but the thing is, no one would probably notice…but I’d know.

A lot of girls commented on this about their own struggles with finding the perfect bra for those, like me, who were not graced with a large chest. It’s good to know I am not the only girl out there who feels like this. So I wanted to share my story with you all, obviously different to my usual posts, but I think this is something a lot of girls can relate too.

In my teenage years, I always hoped they would get bigger, but unfortunately my time never came. I have always been conscious about the size of my breasts as I constantly felt inadequate and guys wouldn’t find me attractive the way I was. I did get to the point where I didn’t care what they thought, “any more than a handful is a waste” I say, but I still felt uncomfortable within myself and it really affected my confidence.

Going bra shopping use to be a nightmare for me and I just couldn’t face buying them anymore. I would avoid it to be honest with you, I’d do one shop a year and buy them in mass amounts so I didn’t need to do it again. I found it quite upsetting at times, I just wanted to buy a pretty bra and matching underwear, but there was nothing for me. I was completely jealous of girls who could go out shopping and by themselves gorgeous underwear and there was me…36A and I have to stick in the black and white range as they didn’t do my size in the coloured ones with a padded cup.

I sometimes felt it was really unfair that they didn’t provide variety for girls with smaller breasts, with the padding. You would think that they would stock smaller sizes as surely the padded bras are meant for us. Maybe they were constantly sold out because of it? But surely the store would think to stock up more?

This made me feel awful, I was never happy with the underwear I would buy, but I had no choice, they were the only options I had. They were just so boring and bland, there was nothing sexy about them, so I never felt good about myself. I would never wear a bra that wasn’t padded, I need that extra boost to make me feel more confident about myself, without the pads, I genuinely felt naked.

One day, I just happened to be shopping in my local Asda, doing my normal food shop when I took a wonder into the clothing section.

I noticed that they had a bra called “two sizes bigger”, I was so excited!! They had various colours, designs, even my favourite, leopard print. I couldn’t believe it, finally a bra that made my breasts look and feel bigger, they had my size and it was not in the boring black and white that I was used to.

I finally had options and I was so excited to finally go shopping for underwear. I pretty much bought every design they had in my size.

Every so often, I would check online to see whether they had new designs coming through and order them to deliver to my local store.

A few years later, I was shopping with my best friend and we popped into Primark. She was having a look in the underwear section and I came across another bra similar to the Asda one, called ‘Maximise your Assets’. These are gorgeous!!! I couldn’t believe the variety they had and how big the padding was. As soon as I put them on, I felt so good about myself and the fit was perfect. I always had that problem where my upper didn’t fully fill the cup, where these ones do and give me a gorgeous cleavage line where you wouldn’t think I was an A cup at all. Even more exciting, for the first time ever I was a bigger cup, 34 B, I was ecstatic!!

That day, I picked up about 3 designs and now they are without a doubt, my favourite bra. I wear them every single day and they fill me with confidence. I have never felt so good about my chest area than I do now.

For all you girls out there that feel the same way as me, I would definitely recommend these bras. They have made such a difference to me and I know how bad the struggle can be and how this can make you feel quite insecure. They have made such a change to my life and give me that boost of confidence to walk out the house every morning without worrying about my flat chest.